Monthly Missions


Last week Kindergarten & Grade 1 took their Monthly Mission trip to the Wichita County Humane Society.  Mrs. Barnes’, Mrs. Reneau’s & Mrs. Castro’s classes collected dog & cat food, beds, leashes, bowls, etc. to deliver to Wichita County’s furry friends.

My heart was for us to continue to create opportunities for us to not just learn the second half of our mission statement, but to find creative ways for our students to live it out in our community. We want the students to understand what it means to live in a manner worthy of gospel message of Jesus Christ and to see firsthand the many ways organizations in our community are bringing Him glory daily.
— Pastor Mauldin

This is just one of the many Monthly Mission trips that Pastor Mauldin has organized this year. Our school has impacted many non-profits in town during the 2018-2019 school year.

2018-2019 Monthly Missions

  • September | Grade 4 took letters of encouragement and prayer written from the entire school to patients and staff at Hospice.

  • October | EC3 – EC4 took over 500lbs of food collected from the school to the Wichita Area Food Bank and served by disposing of expired foods.

  • November | Grade 5 donated leftover Halloween candy and packaged it for soldiers serving overseas and on base.

  • December | JH delivered gifts collected by the entire school for children in foster care.  We partnered with Heritage Church to love on families they had connections with through local foster care organizations.

  • January | Grade 3 took over 70 coats donated by the entire school and served at the Women’s Faith Refuge.

  • February | Grade 2 took supplies collected by the entire school to Patsy’s House and prayed over the staff.

Brooke Clark