Flexible Seating


Innovation in Education | Part 1

In Mrs. Barnes’ first grade classroom her students are using flexible seating meaning there will be various seating choices available to each student every day. The choices include the option of sitting by themselves or with a group throughout the day.

Studies show that flexible seating is beneficial to students for many reasons including exercise as many of the seats move and movement improves focus. Of course, if any child prefers a traditional desk, those are available too.

Flexible seating is just one example of the innovation in education happening at Christ Academy. Flexible seating, STEAM & Discovery Labs, blended learning in Junior High & Senior High, the list goes on.

Stay tuned for move innovation in education stories coming from Christ Academy as we continue to be a school of excellence choosing today what is best for our students tomorrow.

We are training students for jobs that haven’t even been created yet, so it is imperative that our approach to education move and change with the times.
— Dr. Jerry Meadows, Chief Education Officer
Brooke Clark