Christ Academy’s 2018 Technology Updates

Christ Academy Technology Plan Update Immersive Windows 10 Laptops

In the spring of 2018 CA’s administration decided to continue on the plan set forth in the Technology Plan certified in 2016. 
Click here to read the comprehensive Technology Plan.

2018 Updates

 Technology Integration:

  1. Christ Academy added an additional 60 Windows 10 Laptops to support the Junior High and High School curriculum for a total of 120 laptops.

  2. The school added  60 Windows 10 Laptops to the elementary wing for immersive computer usage vs a computer class.

  3. The school added 40 Fire Tablets to EC3 through Grade 2 for immersive use in the classrooms.

  4. Five New Epson 109W Projectors were ordered to replace aging hardware in the classrooms.

  5. The Adobe Creative Cloud was added to the student software catalog and the volume licensing was structured so that it covers any student and faculty member at CA.


  1. Additionally, 4 POE switches were purchased for an upgrade to the infrastructure to support the anticipated increased network use.  POE, Power over Ethernet, is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power.

  2. The PBX Phone System was overhauled and now all of Christ Academy can be reached via outside calls as well as make phone calls from any extension.

If you have any questions, please email James Moore, Director of Technology. 

Brooke Clark