The Teacher's Pet, Mrs. Barnes

In our second edition of "The Teacher's Pet," we are highlighting Mrs. Barnes' many animals!

They are inside dogs and spoiled rotten!
— Mrs. Barnes, Grade 1

The Miniature Schnauzers (Steve and Junior) were gifts from her husband. Steve, the dog, not the husband, is 6 years old & white. Junior is 4 years old and gray in color.

Barnes Pets.jpg

Marshall & Lily pets.jpg

Marshall and Lilly are her family's new outside dogs. They have only had them for a few weeks and rescued them the from the Humane Society.  They are already in love with them. Marshall is a Great Pyrenees mix, and Lilly is a Collie mix.

They love the wide open space of living in the country.
— Mrs. Barnes, Grade 1


The chickens were a gift from Mrs. Barnes' father. They are Dominiques. They are not old enough to lay eggs quite yet, but when they do she plans to teach her son, Noah, to collect eggs.  She looks forward to enjoying them and sharing fresh eggs with friends & neighbors.

Brooke Clark