The Teacher's Pet, Mr. Love

In our second edition of "The Teacher's Pet," we are highlighting
Mrs. Loves' cat, Angus, & dog, Zeus.

Mr. Love & Cat.jpg

 Meet Angus

Mr. Love's cat is Angus.  He is 8 years old and "crotchety" according to Mr. Love. He is very needy and can only sleep at night if Mr. Love is holding him.


Education is such an awesome career because it is a two-way street. I enjoy coming to work every day improving my understanding of mathematics through interactions with students where we both leave with a new perspective of a concept.
— Mr. Love, JH & HS Math Teacher
Mr Love Dog with Shirt.jpg

Meet Zeus

His dog's name is Zeus. He is almost 5 months old and lazy. He loves to chew on anything that isn't his, but he can already sit, lay down, and shake on command.

Brooke Clark