From the CEO's Desk : Digital Learning is here to stay...


Digital Learning is here to Stay…

To prepare our students for the future, Christ Academy has adopted an education model that blends traditional face-to-face instruction and digital learning.  Perhaps the most misunderstood component of our model is digital learning.

Digital learning is more than just providing students with a laptop. Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content and instruction. 

  • Technology: Technology is the mechanism that delivers content. It facilitates how students receive content. It includes Internet access and hardware, which can be any Internet access device – from a desktop to a laptop to an iPad to a smartphone. Technology is the tool, not the instruction.
  • Digital Content: Digital content is the high quality academic material which is delivered through technology. It is what students learn. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games. It isn’t simply a PDF of text or a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Instruction: Educators are essential to digital learning. Technology may change the role of the teacher, but it will never eliminate the need for a teacher. With digital learning, teachers will be able to provide the personalized guidance and assistance to ensure students learn and stay on track – throughout the year and year after year – to graduate from high school. Teachers may be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage. Our program utilizes the online teacher and provides onsite certified academic coaches.

Digital learning is not a fad. One thing is certain; change is upon us. We have chosen to meet this challenge directly, to size the opportunities it presents, and to build an effective way to learn for our students that prepare them for the world they are entering.

Click this link to read more about the growing global use of digital learning in K-12 classrooms:

Brooke Clark