Calling all Kindergartners!

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We are looking to fill 2 sections of Kindergarten for the 2018 - 2019 school year. 

If you are interested in our program what better way to learn more than a Q&A with Mrs. Reneau, one of CA's amazing Kindergarten teachers!

CA: How long have you been teaching?
Mrs. Reneau: 24 years, with all but 3 of those years in Kindergarten.  I am getting old!  This grade is by far my favorite.  I get to witness my five year old babies grow into independent & responsible young children.  Their growth is amazing! 


CA: Why did you want to teach here?
Mrs. Reneau:  My son, Ian, went to 4K at The Episcopal School, formerly CA.  We fell in love with the school then; I knew in my heart that someday God would lead us back as a family.  Two years later I began teaching here!  I love CA as a teacher because I am able to go to "work" everyday and do what I love...teach young children how to read and teach them about God' great love for us.

Watching Peter turn into a capable, confident & intelligent young man has been nothing short of awe inspiring. I am certain much his character development can be attributed to the love & attention he gets 5 days a week from Mrs. Reneau.
— Brooke Clark, Mother of Kinder Student

CA:  How do you teach them to read?
Mrs. Reneau:  The first week of school we make a puzzle about how we are going to read.  All of the puzzle pieces must work and fit together before we can read.  The puzzle pieces include: rhyming words, letter names, letter sounds, word families (ending sounds) , blends (2 or more consonant letter sounds) and vowels.  It is a great visual for them to learn the process of learning to read!

CA:  What do you think makes our CA education distinctive?
Mrs. Reneau:  First and foremost, we are able to freely teach our children about the love of Jesus Christ and how to model His love to others.  It is a part of everything we do, whether it be in the classroom, the cafeteria, the gym or at recess.  The small class size is ideal for an individualized education for each child.  I have taught on both sides of the spectrum with 23 children in a class and with 12 in a class.  I can do so much more with each child when the class size is small.  I love this school because of the family atmosphere.  The parents and the teachers work together toward one common goal which is how to best meet the needs of their child.  In my classroom, we truly become a Kindergarten family.  Our lives are interwoven.  We celebrate the successes and we pray for the hardships just as one would in a family.


Brooke Clark