Christ Academy seeks to identify prospective students whose beliefs agree with Biblical tenets. The school desires to know its applicants and families as well as possible to make decisions which are in the best interests of the applicants. The Board of Trustees and the administration are committed to a diverse and well-rounded student body.

Among the factors considered for entrance to Christ Academy are character, interests, ability, record of achievement, parent and student commitment to learning, available classroom space, and the ability of the school to serve the individual needs of the student.

All students will be screened upon initial application. The screening (which may include a half-day in-class student visit), registration information, and previous school records are reviewed and a determination made. Applicants are notified of acceptance or denial by the Admissions Office.

Due to limited enrollment, the application process must be completed in a timely manner. No application will be processed unless a nonrefundable application fee accompanies it. A waiting list will be maintained when a grade reaches maximum enrollment.

It is Christ Academy’s hope that those who are not accepted will continue their interest in our school and become active candidates in later grades.

Christ Academy reserves the right to deny admission to any student whose conduct or progress demonstrates disharmony with the school’s standards and policies. Students enrolling in online classes at Christ Academy after the start of a semester may be required to complete the full semester.