The purpose of the Early Childhood Education program is to provide our students with a quality education that builds and matures each child’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development in a Christian environment. We have designed a place where children feel safe, supported, and loved. Because children learn best through play, our EC program provides many different hands-on opportunities to explore thorough structured educational activities encouraging each child to use higher levels of thinking appropriate to their individual developmental levels.

Curriculum Resources:

Readiness and Writing: Handwriting Without Tears for Early Childhood

Science: Quirkles

Bible: Positive Action, Exploring God’s Love

Math: EC3-Teacher designed curriculum that focuses on early math skills; EC4-Saxon Math (Kindergarten level)

Phonics: Teacher designed curriculum

Social Studies: Teacher designed units

Arts: Taught by professional artists

Technology: students use iPads; teachers use interactive technology to deliver instruction

Student Assessment:

Parents receive a progress report once a quarter benchmarking student performance against identified standards. A cumulative end of the year report documents student achievement that determines advancement.