High School

The high school program is committed to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century by helping them become passionate, serious scholars capable of effective communication, sustained work, independent thought, meaningful collaboration, and original expression.

High School Highlights

  • Innovative Biblically integrated, standards based  curriculum
  • Weekly Worship
  • Customizable curriculum and pacing
  • Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit
  • Technology based learning/Digital literacy
  • Over 25 foreign language choices
  • Large selection of electives including arts, business, yearbook
  • Extensive teacher-student interaction
  • Prioritizing, planning, and managing for results
  • Interactive communication
  • Effective use of real-world tools and application
  • Personal responsibility and ownership of learning
  • Adaptability/managing complexity and self-direction
  • Higher order thinking and sound reasoning
  • Connection to younger students as a positive role model through mentoring
  • Enrichment seminars
  • Business Academy
  • Competitive athletics
  • Student Council, Student Senate, Student Court



Here are some answers to myths about digital learning:

1.  My student is in front of a computer all day.

Throughout the school day, students are in and out of the Tech Center attending various activities or on-campus classes.  On average, students are on their computers 2-3 hours a day in order to complete assignments.  According to the New York Times, the average adult spends 8+ hours in front of a screen.  Many assignments students complete are done off the computer, i.e. science labs, math problems, and drafts of essays.

 2. Technology is anti-teacher.

Christ Academy is committed to having highly qualified, certified teachers who provide face-to-face academic support for all high school students.  Technology is just considered an important medium in which content is delivered; it is not a replacement for our teachers.  Specific times are set aside for our staff to work with students in all
content areas.

3.  My student has to teach himself / herself.

In order to be truly college preparatory, there must be some level of autonomy for the student.  Students need to have experiences reading texts and processing the information on their own in order to hone critical skills for higher education.  Christ Academy staff provides appropriate and adequate support for this process.

 4.  My student has no time to complete assignments.

The schedule for the IET program strives to be as flexible as possible, while still offering programs and activities that students want for their high school experience. Throughout the school year, teachers and the counselor intentionally teach students the important soft skills that will be necessary for college and the work force.  Students are encouraged to use organizational tools that will help them be productive during the school day; however, it is still a student’s choice to use their time wisely.