Elementary School

Building on the work of early childhood education, our elementary program continues to nourish the student’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and moral growth. Christ Academy gives special attention to the mastery of those basic skills and concepts that are the foundation of all future learning.


Elementary Highlights:

  • Biblically integrated, standards based curriculum
  • Technology classes as well as integration into class content
  • Leadership skills developed throughout the curriculum
  • Curriculum aligned field trips and activities
  • Strong Phonics-based, cross-curricular Reading program
  • Math program one grade level ahead
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Study skills imbedded throughout the curriculum
  • Weekly Chapel and service/missions focus
  • Physical education program
  • Fine arts focus through music and art classes as well as integrated into class content
  • Dyslexia program that teaches supportive strategies to ensure academic success available to identified students
  • Connection to older students serving as a positive role models through our mentoring program