Intellectually, Christ Academy shall strive:

  • To provide a coordinated continuum of academics from early childhood through twelfth grade that imparts skills and knowledge necessary for graduating students to continue their education through colleges or universities commensurate to their abilities and performance.
  • To develop in students the ability to observe problems accurately and to solve them creatively and analytically; to read, interpret, and evaluate critically; to communicate clearly, descriptively and creatively; to think independently; and to use all available resources to discover that which they do not understand.
  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and a love of learning in all children.


, Christ Academy shall strive:

•   To show forth the love of God and Jesus Christ, nurturing students’ respect and compassion for themselves and others,  recognizing  the value of all human beings through His love.

 •  To impart the wisdom of God and its value in a secular world through daily worship, example, and curricula which communicates the teachings of Christ and shows their application to life and learning, consistent with the School’s Statement of Affiliation and Christian Purpose.


Socially, Christ Academy shall strive:


  • To provide opportunities which will educate and support students as they develop personal integrity, ethics, and respect for both themselves and others.
  • To promote a realization that life should be lived joyfully as a gift of God.
  • To generate an understanding of the common needs of fellow human beings and a sense of responsibility for the community at large.
  • To promote an awareness of the responsibilities and freedoms of living in a democratic society.


Physically, Christ Academy shall strive:

  • To foster the development of physical skills and personal fitness.
  • To provide opportunities for competition, cooperation, and leadership through team play.
  • To encourage an appreciation of the value of lifetime activities for physical and mental well-being.




    Principal - Tim Callaway

    Christ Academy serves students EC3 through Grade 12, with a format that includes:

    * A low student to teacher ratio

    * A "whole child" approach that emphasizes balance, from art to technology

    * "Hands-on" learning approach

    * "Project based learning" including state and national fairs

    Christ Academy is an educational environment that reflects Christan values, intellectual growth, creative thinking, character and citizenship.  Our school is based on the belief that all children learn when they are nurtured, challenged, motivated and provided the appropriate educational tools.  Highly qualified teachers, teamwork, exploration, problem solving and strong assessment allow our staff to know the individual child and allows Christ Academy to develop well-rounded, compassionate, caring students.